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  6. call me 0912661523
  7. Je cherche une transvestite pour se conaitre je suis quelque mois en belgique
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  13. Hello i am in Iceland now
  14. Hello my icelandic friends i visiting Iceland untill November 8 th,if you want to make all your fantasies real this you best oportunity check my ad for photos and info and if you have any questions call me at 7880625. Kisses and i hope to meet you soon.
  15. I think a lot of transgender people are forced into escort work. There's a lot of prejudice against them and it is hard for them to get decent jobs. Also, there are still medical costs they have to pay for, and those are expensive. Many transgender people lose the support of their families because of prejudice. Many men are looking just for sex, too. Having sex with a transgender is a novelty, and they cannot deal with a relationship with a transgender person. Many people I know are still freaked out by transsexuals and may end friendships with men who date or marry a transgender person. This is just my opinion. What do other people think?
  16. I wanna to meet u sis
  17. Always on the lookout for a ts escort traveling through South Dakota.
  18. hi, I'm Milky Suzanne--Available for Milk lovers. Been breastfeeding now for 14 months- my breasts have lots of milk. Based in Seattle but am traveling exclusively LactatingShemale dot Escortbook
  19. I'm just wondering why I can't make a serious relationship with a shemale? why the most of shemales here are looking for sex? why it's always about sex??
  20. Dear _ My name is Nil and I am from Tel-Aviv, Israel. I am not sure if you are familiar with Israel. Israel is an open minded country with Many transexuals. Tel-Aviv in particular is a 24/7 city that offer anything from great people, great food, awesome beaches and all day parties. I represent a large group of transexual lovers / admirers and we all wish to bring more international transexual professionals to Israel and enjoy what you have to offer. Unfortunately, we cannot sponsor your trip and accommodation in Israel (it is not legal) but we can support in many other ways… First as I said we are a group of almost 100 transexual lovers / admirers that will know about your visit and for sure will meet you. We can help in finding accommodation and help in promoting yourself in the right places as we know them all. You will gain smooth entry to Israel and we will enjoy your professional services. We are not agents or want anything from your business. Our only goal is to enjoy the international flavour and many transexuals coming to visit Israel. If that sound good to you we are happy to jump on a call and discuss next steps. Hope to see you soon, Nil.
  21. Thanks darling, Is a hard work, I'm alone in this, but I love guys
  22. FULL SHEMALE COMICS FREE UNCENSORED Shemale transsexual tranny futanari... My blog in Tumblr
  23. This cartoon is a part of a big list Shemales Fucking Man


  24. I'm the sweetest and most delicious exotic dish you will taste in your life! to catch me at
  25. do you have European Union passport? I have worked all around Europe and I have never had problems. I have Italian and Swiss passport.
  26. Thanks a lot.
  27. You can try ; ; ; ; Lithuania only!
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