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  4. Don't believe this person Totally fake
  5. I am 25! 186/84.
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  8. Got on touch with MahekTS from Bangalore over the phone. Wanted to check if she does shemale threesomes to which she said yes and quoted RS 8k for both shemale girls. But she wanted part payment upfront to confirm. I suggested if we could video chat for 30 mins and then decide. She agreed to have a whatsapp call and we settled for Rs1500 to be transferred to her payTM number. I transferred the agreed amount to her paytm number- 8329110338. i sent her the screenshot to confirm but right after that no response from her. Tried calling both her listed phone number and even the paytm number. One man picked up once and quickly hung up. Am glad I lost only a small amount of money in this racket, but can't imagine agreeing to meet her at her place and end up getting mugged by a bunch of men. Its a shame that there are such rackets even here where shemales have an opportunity to mingle with the rest of the world in a professional manner protecting their rights. Please have this profile taken down to avoid more people falling for such traps.
  9. Check out photos and video of Barcelona Gay Pride 2017. you can see many beautiful transsexuals. PHOTOS: VIDEO:
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