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  4. Looking for a gang bang with shemales please get in touch willing to travel offers please
  5. ich suche girls;paare,trans,ts,tv,usw für real-date bin gerne devot ,liebe NS,lecken,blasen,schlucken,ärsche:-)party bitte schreibt mich an ich zahle TG!
    0177-4882626 händy+whatsapp

  6. حد يعرف كاشها كام الموزه دى
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  8. In future you will be get chance don’t worry
  9. I like being topped
  10. I work in southern Thailand and northern Malaysia. I am soft, feminine and submissive. I may be a bad girl, but I will make a good housewife if I am given the chance to be one.
  11. فى اى حد مضمون يكون اكتر من حد اتعامل معاه؟ اصل شايفكو عمالين تقولوا على ناس فيك مبقتش عارف اكلم مين حد يقدر يساعد
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  13. Hi guys Beware of froud shemales in delhi.... There r so many cds n transgener in delhi who pretend to be shemale but actually they not shemale..this site for shemales only ...guys want to meet with shemales only....btw most of the guys got confused about Cross Dresser ( CD ), Transgenders (TG), and Transsexual ( TS )... Tansssexuals and Shemales are same.. I wanna tell u one thing that wats the meaning of proper shemale... Shemale means who look like a girl with active dick... feminine looks most important for people... so guys select a perfect shemale for you who can give u full pleasure in bed ..... Thanks
  14. Hi guys... Aaliya from South delhi. Very cute sexy in bed. With 34 boobs n 7.5 inches long n thick cut dick for ur hole.. M more active shemale from delhi...come n enjoy with ur hidden fantasy...
  15. I agree. I got looted off by Sweetpoison1
  16. Thank you for your input, you have a valid point.
  17. Profile : Adaa is a cd located in Malvia Nagar (near Hauz Rani bus), New Delhi. This guy is a cheater. Today 2nd December he gave me time to meetup at night around 2:00 and when i reached his place he made me wait for half an hour and asked me to pay as soon as i entered in his flat. After half an hour i asked him not to delay then he said his friends are coming for dinner and i need to wait downstairs for around 10 minutes. It was cold but as i had already paid him via paytm online payment therefore i had no other option other then waiting outside in cold. I waited for 45 minutes and he switched off his phone. After 45 minutes i went to his flat in top floor and it was locked from outside. I called him and send him whatsapp messages but he did not reply even once. He and his friends are involved in this cheating business.
  18. Hi am Nicha ladyboy from Thailand now am visit Taipei for 10 days nice to meet you if u want to know about me more contact me line id rubyjungja or WhatsApp number +66909099001
  19. انا كنت بتكلم على ال last seen بتاعها يا صاحبي و انا مقلتش انها fake و حتة انت قابلتها قبل كده دي محدش سالك عليها, بس بما انك قابلتها مرتين ولا مره طلبت نمرة التليفون او اكونت الفيسبوك ? ولا انت هي و دخل تدلل على نفسك
  20. ورينا صور الشات ورينا صور الشات ونشوف مين فيكو بيحور
  21. turkish ts in dubai inst_cisemts snp_visem3
  22. Hi, I'm karan nd looking for friendship
  23. 我的名字是紅寶石,身高170厘米,體重56公斤,胸部Ç杯。我的愛好是唱歌跳舞。我喜歡性愛,擅長BJ,GGE。我留在台灣台北。當你想要快樂的性生活時請與我聯繫!
  24. Frist of all u are a fake person who call me now talk bullshit always n waste my time I let me tell u I never do video call for 1 or 2 k so stop talking about me n see your self who has no other work n fake calling me I am high profile SHEMALE escort I don't do cheap stuff for one or two k would like to suggest u plz find some better work then giving fake call and titling me as fraud
  25. أنا فعلا متأكد بطريقة ما انها كانت محبوسة.. وعاملة حوار تجمع فلوس بالتحويل.. انا للأسف كنت ضحايا النصباية دي.. لكن مش مشكلة في الفلوس ولا الصحة .. لو افترضنا انها حاملة للمرض بحكم انها ترفض تعرض تحليل دم
  26. مش جادة.. حاولت معها من فترة...
  27. أتوقع انها تعرض بس مش تقابل أحد حاولت معها ولا ردت
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