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  1. Hi, I think that many transgenders are very willing to find a steady relationship here or elsewhere. The cruel fact is that it's not easy. Many men wants to try and experience TS people, but only few knows if they want TS as a partner. On the other hand, transgender living is quite expensive, I suppose. So I believe that there is practical reasons why almost all search a beneficiary sex relationship. If you get honestly interested for relationship, ask. I quess that many might be Willing to have one. Cheers.. ricke
  2. Hi, I noticed that there is no more SMS or phone payment option either. Is that coming back? I used to use that.. now there is only many CC options.
  3. Those links didnt work for me. maybe because redirecting?
  4. Thanks OrenIshii, I have to grab that movie somewhere (soldiers girl). It's a bit different than I tought, but I think that better -makes you think.. take care
  5. Hi, Sorry I can't help you.. but I have a question: What movie would you would suggest? I mean trans movie, is there any movie or brand that is over others, in your opinion? Cheers Ricke
  6. Hello, I think that there is a correlation between aging and erection, obviously.. But there is so much differences between persons that no can say any exact time/age when it's gone.. uh, that would be so harsh if there were such a date.. Imagine what a "rush hour" would the last year before that age be.. There is also many other factors, some one can be: nervous, over exited, not exited, tired, first time, after long time, after too short time.. . At the end of the day, to many man the erection is a mystery. Some times co-operation works fine some times dont. Some times it is too enthustiastic some times it betray you.. But doesn't it make life much more intresting..