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  1. I think a lot of transgender people are forced into escort work. There's a lot of prejudice against them and it is hard for them to get decent jobs. Also, there are still medical costs they have to pay for, and those are expensive. Many transgender people lose the support of their families because of prejudice. Many men are looking just for sex, too. Having sex with a transgender is a novelty, and they cannot deal with a relationship with a transgender person. Many people I know are still freaked out by transsexuals and may end friendships with men who date or marry a transgender person. This is just my opinion. What do other people think?
  2. 3 beautiful and inspirational ladies!
  3. Gorgeous dress!
  4. Sometimes I find that it is hard enough just trying to be yourself and not to be judged by others, or having other people try to take advantage of you. Especially for people who are in the transgender world.
  5. Sending my condolences and prayers to all members of the Turkish ts-dating community after the horrible attack on the Ataturk Airport.
  6. Thanks for posting these wonderful photos and the video of our favorite transgender stars who we love, admire, fantasize about and respect! I'd love to go to one of these events and see these truly wonderful people! Thanks again, Admin, for this and the great job that you do here!
  7. I was wondering how we can help our Greek members, now that there is a financial crisis. I have heard it is difficult to get money sent there because of bank failures.
  8. Yes, Akshita. Many people feel that way, but things are slowly changing for the better. Stay strong!
  9. Thanks for sharing. The pictures are very beautiful and the website is terrific!
  10. I think you should talk with a therapist because this is complex and can cause a lot of conflicting feelings, as well as a lot of pain for both you and your wife.
  11. Rheapoks, saw your photos and you are beautiful! Nice that you have a relationship, too! Continued happiness to you!
  12. Jolie, I did not say that transsexuality was the problem at all. It's the prejudice against transsexuals that's the problem and their lack of rights. Rights for transsexuals will be the last important part of the civil rights movement in America. Most businesses in the United States do not have unions any more, so they do not get labor union protection, unfortunately. I think we're in agreement but saying it in different ways. America passed an Equal Pay Act for women 50 years ago, but women still get paid less than men--on average for each $1 a man gets paid in the US, a woman gets only $0.70. That's just an example. Unfortunately, America has a long way to go in regard to gender equality, race relations, and gay-transgender rights, even when there are laws and court decisions protecting them! Europe is so much more enlightened than the USA in this regard!
  13. Some of the worst problems have happened when people transition on the job. It's almost impossible to keep your job if you do that in the United States. There is so much prejudice and labeling of transgender people here. I think it will take a long time to break these barriers down. The last important civil rights movement will be to get justice for transgender people. But there are employers who will hire transgender--and not in the sex business. It's awful that some transgender have no choice but to go into the sex business! Here's hoping that there will be less prejudice and more opportunities!
  14. It refers to the last time (date) when the member was on the site. The actual time that's listed--I don't know. Ask the Admin. He'll know. He's a nice guy and very responsive to people's questions.
  15. The worst problem for ts ladies is that many of them are forced by circumstances to escort. They are still people and should be treated with respect. Always treat people the way you want to be treated. I'd be fortunate to afford an appointment with Ms. Brasil--that's just my personal opinion.