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  1. Beauty it just apart of it all for everyone. I only want to tell u it cost a lot of ladyboy for a beauty and for sure they want you understand support some reason this is I would like to tell..or you r unlucky if that ladyboy selfish so much thinking only what they want for themself doesn't care with a relationship..that shouldn't thinking about relationship like that.... If u said doesn't make sense ..that it turn. Only you will ok or not ok for support ? .I know u might try to find reason for have relationship. But for the main reason relationship it mean have to support eachother ..the reason or make sense ..whatever u want to tell. Nothing to make sense... it just ur feeling want and u research that character u can imagine u can have her.....but I pray for u find a person match and understand you and like ur personal. But I am sure u will find someone understand ur reason..^_^ My apologies if my English not perfect. But be positive ...the best way make life beautiful.
  2. This is serious topic..for many men why ..TS-lady escort on .. I would say I am also ladyboy ..and someone looking for serious relationship too but u must check what king of wedsite u r sreaching it is escort or not escort. That first thing The second ...I am transfer to be lady it not easy and not cheap we did many beauty like lady we have take hormones ,surgery, remove hair, salon, we did we love to do to be ts-lady, we must take care body more than lady's.I am also understand many man ...and understsnd try to find a good relationship but in a real love, but men doesn't know details how a lot tiny tiny details it make a lot cost for us , about this is reason for younger man never understand this is because they just don't understand how deep details ts-lady can become lady...most man been with ts-lady ...they understand this is reason and they love someone they already understand if u want relationship with ts-lady cost money really if we must become a lady look pretty for relationship...they can responsible situation. Sorry if my English not really perfect. But I will try to tell some man understsnd this is topic.