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  1. hi thanks all very kind to say xxx Sure Laura i saw Dr Chettawut in Bangkok, i had my FFS (chin/jaw/mandible/nose/lips) done in september 21st 2010) I go back in May to have a brow lift, orbital bossing, lip filling, 2nd stage of nose work he is thinning the end and upturning more ... Also having a mini facelift/necklift to tighten up the skin area from first FFS as i had so much jaw removed .. Also having my 2nd boob job with him as well .. cant wait .. I met 10 FFS surgeons over a year and just felt the most confident with Dr Chettawut .. Now i dont proclaim to look super pretty etc but i look miles better than before FFS so in my view he worked wonders x Hope that helps x Kisses Libby
  2. Hi Fuckers, Just updated some new pics on my profile as had old ones.. I have recently had some FFS surgery on my face so as you can see my face is looking somewhat didfferent from what it once was .. So for any of you that are interested in following my porn career have a look on my Offical Blog Site .. and Official Member Site.. I am of course also available for webcamming and I have started to escort again only on Tuesdays/Wednesdays in Canarywharf with Tsbecky or Solo . Kisses Liberty xx
  3. hi Guys, I am Liberty an English Shemale from London .. Just thought I would post on this forum as well being as i advertise on here but dont actually use the site that much Anyway I have been busy shooting new content before i goto thailand for surgery on my Face/Ass next month .. So i will be available for escorting only until about the 15th June xx I will be coming to the USA in August/September/ and Zurich in September as well .. Kisses Libby xx
  4. Hi guys x Liberty here, I am a young english shemale 32D-25-32, 8inchs veratile now based in Tower Bridge 3 days a week and still 2 days in surbiton.. Why not have a look at my website or profile fully for details ... Love Libby xx