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  1. Very sensual picture
  2. Hai Milanka Okay I'm a man but if I had to choose between meeting clients in Hotel and apparment I prefer to do it in a hotel. The clients also want to have some safety ( and discretion) too and in my oppinion the hotel ( with cameras) is very safe and they are very discrete.) If you just act normal in the hotel i think it would be okay Working in an appartment would be okay if you meet your the same customer on a regular base enjoy your day
  3. Maby a good suggestion for Bluemoon and Kiki (and for everyone in General ) who want to start dating/ relationship is to filling out your profile and put a photo of yourself in it so every lady here can see you; than you'll probably have more succes Good luck
  4. Hi Admin I dont' know it is an idea but lot of members doesn' t have a picture maybe because every non-member can look on this site without being a member (you just type the name of the dating site and you can look everything) On other dating site you have to login first to see who is a member. Maybe it is a kind of "fear" for them for not putting his/her picture because of that. Greetings from The Netherlands Hejo59
  5. Hold onto your guitars! guitars! Princess I use almost a whole orchestra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyGEEamz7ZM
  6. I hope the date (21/12/2012) will give us: - No hunger. - No war. - No hate. - But more LOVE to each other.
  7. Hi sophie In my oppinion you are doing illigal things (buying an vibrator for under age friend) It up to the parent of your (underage) friend to buy that kind of things, because they know there child best. And your friend should talk about it with them it would be up to them) If your lfriend would do some experimentation with a vibrator at your home it would be your responsibility (with all the cosiquenties)
  8. Hi Admin wouldf it be a great idea to make a Birthday list of all the members so (if they want) can sent a little note to that person? Regards from Assen The Netherlands Hejo59 (but my real name is Peter )
  9. The most important thing is that you always have check (and re-check) a story to the relevant person (whether is true) .In addition, you should just always have safe sex if you know each other shortly
  10. Awesome (also your video clip is Awesome too)