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Nikki Roy review december - exposed

Hello all shemale lover I have decided to put detailed FR n I will expose nikki Roy here.
In the month of december after meeting I decided to have a good spa exp so headed to mgf n have a good hj. 
Now dark side rises - I called Nikki Roy as have heard good ts he is , so decided to msg n fix meeting but hell starts here I don't know she was sharing room with zarine ts pussy. I asked Nikki where u stay n I like dfk to which she said yes quoted 6k ,no discussion about threesome or dance saree from Nikki Roy so decided 6k , in between I headed to one more spa for hj .I reached Nikki Roy location around 9.30 to which she responded good n directed me to house. 
Now things goes worse pls read carefully - 
She asked me to come , I sat in one room , didn't ask for water no introduce nothing straight away forces me to go for threesome to which I clearly say I am not here for anyone I am here for u , she has some skin problem on her neck to which she clear me within seconds.after 10 mins of pushing things I finally decided to see zarine pics in her mobile. 
I clearly said no for threesome to which she asked me to come atleast once n see her , I don't want to ruined my mood as I am versatile guy so thought of having good experience , how can someone with good mood can go from ts without any session ?? zarine was ready with high make up n half nude as if she know I will say yes n I then say yes bcoz she was nude n every body wants good exp so do I .
Now I started with Nikki started kissing on neck , licking hard her ass boobs , but their focus was full on money. She whispered in my ear 3 times to ask zarine to put saree for 1k , I was with flow I paid ,
Imagine in between session I was more of paying to them upi payment fucks.
now after saree I kissed zarine and started with flow but one by one zarine was pissing me off with attitude , I was not even ready for things but I somehow maintained my cool, I was at last started wearing my clothes n at that time Nikki said y r u wearing clothes come on bed , then I had good bj , and then starts dance songs performance , at last I come to know I have to pay 2 k more for dance shit man literally fucked up. 
I lost my mood , my money , my good day becomes bad 
Who is at fault ?? Not Nikki it's me I called them 
Y I paid n go with flow ? Bcoz I was there to enjoy how can I go like this reputation problem , police problem , they can easily blame me. One more person is in kitchen was there.
If any other or local Delhi person was there they would have teach them a lesson.

Y they cheated me ?? Bcoz they r going for dinner somewhere n expenses covered by me 
Did she told me for threesome in start ?? No

Did Niki roy informed me about dance ?? No 

Expenses - 6k + 3k zarine + 1k saree+ 2k dance + ola 
Wir- hell no feeling of regret 
Nikki - 6/10 for ass n boobs 
Zarine - 0 for attitude only

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On 9/18/2018 at 9:40 AM, Nikki Roy said:

Yes please in tgirl forum website.. please check..

Dear respective fees and do u hv male genital and is this pics belongs to u and are u also available in other cities apart from delhi

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