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  1. i used to take androcur with diane35 ( but don't take these pills more than 6 months ) for injection , i took proluton with progynon depot once a month .. and for now i take hormones no more as i have to keep my tools active and hormones does shrink my tool size .. i hate that !!!
  2. I want your ass I want your ass I want your ass
  3. Ah, ok, so you draw a line between ts and tv. Yes, I agree, the latter meets most raised eyebrows. I was trying to generalize, you on the other hand belong to the 5% elite of beautiful, passable transwoman. Your voice must be... uhm different:) That distinction doesn't mean much for me, as I see tvs and preop and noop tses as much the same value as sexual objects, I even have a slight preference for tv, as long as they like versatile sex. Yeah, that makes me more of a seeker/fucker/fuckee, I guess. No, I don't have to run from facts, but I don't like wasting effort on wastly outnumbered, losing battles. I'm a coward, I have no problems admitting that, it's an essential survival skill. Most people I know are too, maybe some of you tough tses are honorable exceptions. "Running" is literally refering to the extreme case, where you are about to take a beating, just because some drunk homophobiacs have spotted you outside the herd. I'm not big and strong, so in these situations I will try to walk away, then run, if they follow. It's just not worth it, spending the weekend at the hospital and dentist, for playing romantic, principled braveheart. Cowardry isn't all bad in such situations, I would never run from my beloved "freak", if she falls behind, I would have to go and take that beating, cause I'm even more terrified of the herd's verdict, if they see me running. So I am selfish too! I love your differences, too, but you don't have to fight every losing battle!! i believe u know what do u want in your life .. and u have your own opinion on this matter .. I have no intention to disagree nor to critic your point of view .. ALL THE BEST to you !!
  4. The appearance of freakish used to be done by transvetite or cross dresser and not trans .. And yeah when u are out with ts , your sexuality will be a riddle to others who's seeing u but that won't make u looks like a freak .. Anyway i'm not sure that are u a ts lover or ts seeker or ts fucker and what makes u need to run from the facts rather than defends for your own rights/liberty and u gave me to jump to a conclusion that u are hypocrite type.. And i think u will never have a guts to date out with ts !! ONLY a coward will be running !! Though i do look like a girl but i use to make people notice that i'm a trans by using my rough voice .. I love of being different !!
  5. U got carried away dear Morten , i do not point it at u and u are obviously get my drift wrong ..
  6. There have been films that have dealt with transgender plot-lines. But we need more mainstream appearances like Television presenters, newsreaders,journalists and actresses in roles where it is not important what sex they are. So the gender is not what people care about but seeing a talent or recognizing the quality of a performance. I don't see the world like most people, otherwise I would not be here. I'm sad that people need so much help to understand some things that seem so simple. most people don't confess to prejudice, which shows they know it is wrong. I remember the TS in Americas top model, because American television is usually so restrictive or too sensational I was delighted to see this. I think Tyra is well aware that she is sending out a good message. I think the more normal the role the less stigma will surround transsexualism. It's individual choice how he or she will live and in our society now acceptance and equality is being practice. I dont agree that (most) xdresser are just for laugh, it's their act that people or audience laugh at them, the good example is Lily Savage....she became famous for her TV show and people are reacting by laughing cos she makes them to laugh, i doubt that Lily Savage herself makes people to laugh and beside she knows that she is being paid to make the viewers to laugh. Calpernia Adams became an icon and famous when she tell her story in a motion picture entitled SOLDIER'S GIRL, i am sure that she inspired a lot of people either straight, gay, ts, tv, xdressers etc..etc...that love has no bounderies. There's one film soon to shown entitled PEACOCK, a story of a man who has a dual personality and he is a transsexual as his extension of who he is. I am so glad EXITSIGNS that your one in a million of admirers who can openly express your sentiments and support, maybe we havent seen any newsreader or presenter in our television screens but dont feel bad cos it happens that maybe no one apply for the job or whatever reasons might be. In the Nursing field i will tell you that a lot of transexuals are working as "FEMALE" and i am proud to say that i am one of them...we are being treated equally and with respect, well there are some few cases of bullying and descrimination but its entirely up to the person or transexual how she present her self to the public, and i think we should be contended at least that we are accepted and recognised. I know a lot of girls who are in a high position as being a Nurse and it's a big gamble by the Hospitals and Nursing homes big bosses to make those transexual assume those position if we are not still accepted and being respected irrigardless of who we are. There is also a Filipina transexual who were given the floor to speak during the Human rights convention by the UNITED NATIONS, check in youtube and i am sorry that i forgot her name....its something like SAS, dunno...sorry. In my own opinion i am not bother if a xdresser or a drag queen made a living by making people to laugh and i dont agree that being a transvestite has a line even a thin one that separates them to a transexuals, well the case of pre op and post op is another story. Society will not condemn a certain individual and think as a bad influence if we abide the laws, regardless of what colour our skin is, even you are a transexuals, transvestites, xdressers, drag queens etc...etc.... I can sit comfortably inside a tube with an old, flambouyant and loud xdresser next to me for a night out rather than an old man but looks suspicious. AFTERALL HE DRESS UP TO EXPRESS HIS WILL AND FREEDOM WITHOUT HURTING A SINGLE FEELING.... really nice thoughts from another sister !! Unfortunately not for our sister's living in Asian countries especially when they have to deal with cultural and religions .
  7. I do agree if some men does feel this problem too when they dating a ts girl .. and that may the caused why they prefer to hire a ts girl as an escort rather than treat the girl as gf / wife / lover .. To those who stand by their ts girl no matter what people surround says , this is the type of men that i will give my respect . And to those who prefer to be with ts as an escort for some reasons but willing to pay , i do appreciate your private life . Unfortunately to those who are a ts girl lover whom just love to have sex but unwilling to pay and feel embarrassed on public , i swear i will never be a good person to this type of men
  8. nice thoughts of you .. unfortunately , they still do not know the distinguish between transsexual and transvetite .. media exposure hhhmmm at some point , some director make an appearance of cross dresser in movie or any kind of show program was just for laugh .. this is 1 of the bad influence for society to think that we a just for laugh .. another example , remember 1 ts in america next top model ? they could hire a gorgeous ts to compete with the G/G
  9. Why some normal people think that we are freaks ? Gay and lesbian people are seems more acceptable in society rather than transsexuals . Is this because they are able to disguise their sexuality ? In my opinion , it might because of cross dresser which made us been labeled as a freaks . NO OFFENCE , but i just want them to know that living as a ts is the most challenging life which they can never imagined . They should think that we are special instead of thinking that we a freaker than alien . For instance , why did they find it awkward when they see a man dating a ts ? I have experienced this every times i go out with a man . I believe some boys here who dating a ts and some girls experienced this too . And some of them will keep looking at us ( ts ) until we are gone from their sight .. Yeah , i can give a damn to them but some of them were really annoying . What else do you think that might give them to label a ts as a freak ?
  10. PROSTITUTES ?????? WTF are you doing here you slutty fucking asshole ??/!!! It's ts-dating short form for transsexual and not men dating ok !!! mind your words !! I'm not asking that kind of pic you moron !!! I do respect to those who's posting their pic because it prove that they won't feel shame to be with a ts .. So what !!!! Just be genuine , that's all By the way i am not feeling any bore like you do , idiot !!! Plus , i bet my dick is bigger than your's .. so , shut your fucking dirty hole and beat it !!! Here i am being rude now !!!! p.s : if you respect me , i will respect you ..
  11. GIRLS !! i think you guys should ignore dreamguy .. i bet he's another time waster here on this site .. he even have no pic in his profile and there is no way to prove that he's a genuine person .. he just being here and make some accusation , talking rubbish and provoke the girls .. Just ignore him and we better talk to somebody who's not shame to have their photos on their profile .. p.s : i hate hypocrite person !!
  12. walang pera dito lolz What do walang pera and mahal mean? it means no money no love dear tiki .. i learned some philipines language from my philip friends bola bola , hindi ku alam what the meaning pera = money mahal = love
  13. it's a nature to mens get attracted to a pretty girl and it happens to girls too .. Do you boys know how much the price we have to pay to look good ?? do you think we pay to get that beauty by tree leaves ??? Do you think your sperm can make the face look beautiful ?? beauty has a cost babe !!! If you are not concern on your look , that's your problem but we ts always wanted to look better and we need money in order to achieve that ... Do you boys still want a ts who is not pretty ??? Will you go out with us on a public without feel any shame ?? I bet what do you want is just having sex and definitely just in the room !! I totally agree if some girls here said many men (outside from asian country) love to come to asia and meet up because they could have a super cheap sex with asian ts and taking an advantage on them ..
  14. Here we go again .. Money !!! oooo talaga .. walang pera walang mahal , diba ?
  15. Every woman has a price. They just say they aren't about pay to screen out undesirable men. If you gave them the impression that you were good looking, warm, and you had a good job...they will come after you for money, gifts, whatever. Price is to the girls who doing escort work . But pride is to those who are looking for the best and genuine man . It's hardly to find this kind of men here in this site .. I believe there must be a reason why the girls asking for those things in the same way the boys asking for sex cam/chat .. Intelligent girl won't show themself naked for nothing .. As part of my experiences , i tried to have a conversation with some boys here unfortunately they were just interested to talk about sex instead of curios to see what i have between my leg ... What are you missing is , try to go for the girl who are not doing escort and try to find those who are really looking for love .. And to you yourself , try to not asking about sex cam or sex chat / talk or nude pic and prove to the girl tht you are genuine for love .. It might be work !!! Even you yourself had tried to talk to me instead of you are already know why i'm here and my status .. P.s : by the way there are too many of people in here who love to waste a time .. just be prudent !!!
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