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  1. In India? If you guys has availability in India let me know
  2. Some transgender are jealous for others transgender and the spread false and bad comments for other and bitch about it. And those trans are the one who already infected with STDs and HIV so guys beware. Some trans in Delhi are really a bitch. They will blackmail you sometimes and trying to pull out more money from you. They will even tell you that you identify or profile gonna be expose to social networking sites and to your workplace and to your family. So don’t require to trust on what had been posted here on ts forum instead meet and explore in real. Happy hunting . Bitch will die in one day. There’s saying “thief’s 10days Owner’s one day”
  3. So many transgender are jealous of other. They misquote and accused others as cds as they are jealous and to sue the clients. This is really disheartening and not good. Let live n live happily