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  1. New Profile Shemale Scam Göteborg : https://www.trans-escorts.com/Sexydoll Scammer: 46 0739795721 , sexydoll.21.ts@gmail.com Address: 1st floor, Annandagsgatan 18, Göteborg 41543, near Kortedala (Tran Scam Gothenburg)
  2. Blocked member 'Sexydoll' Member (Sexydoll) profile has been blocked for scam.
  3. wow.... I don't drink b itch... could not come up with a better lie???... how about I report you to autorites ? I know your real name.
  4. TS scammer new profile link: https://www.ts-dating.com/escort/Sexydoll , new phone: +46 0765529048
  5. Address: Lgh 1001, Annandagsgatan 18, Göteborg 41543, Sweden , Map
  6. Another scammer ts from India scamming is Sweden.
  7. Forgot to say I have recorded her video chat, took photos of her real name on the building, and the complete chat script. She is scammer and dangers. I can't trust this site anymore. Everyone be safe.
  8. This is another TS scammer in this site. sharing her photos and address for other information. Current Profile link Physical appearance: She was bigger than her photos, tattoo on under her neck. Age around 25 Address: Annandagsgatan 18, Göteborg 41543, Sweden , Map Phone: +46739795721 Nickname: Katie She will probably change these information but can't change her face. Tags: TS Scammer in Göteborg
  9. Found him here: https://www.hitta.se/nadeya+al+malki/limhamn/person/VxjX1qeecE?vad=737667008 his name is : Nadeya Al-Malki phone: 0737667008
  10. Hi Nancy, Which city did you meet him? this phone is not registered. Does he have any profile on this site?
  11. Try this website: https://sex-tjejer.com/escorts/girl/stockholm?from=0&gender=ts for stockholm
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