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Beware of THIEF ARAB MAN here in KL


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Beware of this man from LIBYA why i say so!

I'm one of his victim..

He come to as client and I ask him where did he get my info, he said he get from this site tsDating..  So we both agree in our deal and he come to my hotel .. he is a good looking guy and he said he is study here in Malaysia and he from LIBYA... 

after tha we proceed on his service and I will give him  great service that he wanted, not only that our sessions runs almost 3hours  supposedly  90mins  maximum...

But it's ok I dont mind the timing  as long my client and i are both enjoy and satisfied  as well ...

After the sessions  he is SUPER ENJOY AND SATISFIED  from my service ...

He will stay at my place for another hour and for me its fine..  but I didn't expect  that kind of good looking man is something hidden black agenda on me   that is he steal my 2 mobile  and cash ....

Until now me and from my clients and friends 

We are still looking to him and we never stop until he will not pay of what he did...

In god will soon we will catch this man and pay for his sin...

Pls if anyone saw him pls kindly contact  me urgent.  On this number +60167847424

Thank you and more power to us

This is your QUEEN BADDEST...

His name :farooq

Age: 24


Student here in kl

(sorry I dont remember the name of his UNIVERSITY)


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Hi miley2 ,,

That man is come in my hotel  and  I never think that he can do bad thing bcoz hes look good and and fluent in english.  So before  we start he pay first and after then he give me another extra money as a tip bcoz he told me that he satisfied in my services.. so after he give me I put only in the vanity cabinet .. I never lock bcoz I trust him even not him... all my clients and my phone 2 mobile is charging . . We talk about personal life.. etc so we didn't realizes that our time runs 4hours .  90mins  in his service and 2hours talking and drink some beers.. then suddenly I feel dizzy in my last beer can and in the middle of no where I pass away .. when I wake up in the morning I check my email I was shocked bcoz my 2 mobile is not in charging and my money in cabinet is lost as well. 

 When I call my number is not working so that mean he get and I thankful I have his photo ... and some of my Arab friends help me to find that guy to pay of what he done to me..

That guy is from LIBYA... 

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Just an advise to all either you are a customer or provider just down load the apps don't touch my phone and just leave it on your handbag or anywhere .set  it on and anyone touches it or the bag while u are on toilet or so the phone will bark do loud he will let it go . Then u know what he did when u are not watching . Try it out .


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