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When we pay attention to the universe, we find that everything contributes to its harmony. Let our heart and mind be free, let our abode be here, in the way. Cherish that which is within us, for we are each a unique living expression of the universe itself.

We should live with life in every breath and embrace this moment. With courage and with wisdom, we are able to see clearly through the ways of the world. We come to understand that everything in the world is a teacher. For the trees can all reveal the true nature of reality, we can learn from nature enough to be enlightened.

The universe is filled with precious gifts. Each moment we are alive is a gift, shining through containing the light for growth. It needs us all to breathe and to see. Observe nature, we hear the birds singing, the trees swaying, the flowers blooming, the sky and all its colours, the clouds and all their shapes, and all where there is life.

For when the variations in the universal breath can be sensed, the techniques of harmony and peace are born in. Now and again, it is necessary to seclude ourselves amongst the trees, rivers, valleys, oceans and the mountains to restore our link to the source of where there is life.

Our life is something we build everyday. It's not that one is lost, it's just that one is finding their own way.



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