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Ideas About Website?


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Several good ideas above but one small thing I miss in this forum is having a "Like" button. Sometimes I just want to agree with someone without going into detail...

like button is possible to add. just have to update forum software

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Hello admin, the website is really useful.. Good job.. Im a user who obtained his premier membership sometime ago.. It would be nice to do the following:


1. Add some missing countries as Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan and Kuwait

2. You can merge Egyptian escorts from Africa to Egypt

3. Remove the following accounts from Egypt's escorts list: they contain misleading information "girls", "dandi hiv!", "good sucker"..



I second him on the recommendations.


Also, i have started noticing very strange, and targeted negative review posts containing awful and foul language, tarnishing the image anf services of someof the escorts.


I have seen the same happening in a crazy way over another website.


We need better authorized mechanism to prevent this.


The ability to respond to the reviews should be abled, not to start a chain of posts, but also to let both sides tell the story.


As i see , there are sides to this website that can be added and to promote the passion for us, ts-lovers. Such as:

1- meter/indicator on where is the hot spot for escort travels. Yes, some people would travel for fun and encounters. I would love to know where is the hot spot now to meet.


2- i think to be fair, we may need a section for filtered and recognized escort agencies. As some ads here fall and operate under someagencies. It would bebetter organized, yet it shouldn't be made to promote them over the solo escorts.


3- so far, i see that the interest of ads and personals from the states is low in comparison to european and asian postings. Anyway to promote the site to encite their participation?


Overall, i have been following this site for the last 5-7 years and i am truly happy at its development and wish to see more of it progressing.


Ps: i still have issue about dead/inactive accounts/ads. It should be removed as it distorts reality.

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Could we have the ability to exclude members from x-countries or x-genders from searching for or us appearing on the site?


I for one, don't mind men contacting me, but when I keep getting friend adds ect from people the other side of the world, it can be rather tiresome as the email sent to my gmail isn't very descriptive of the member adding me.

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I know this was mentioned a bunch of times before but the country list needs to be updated as there a lot of countries missing. I'm not a web programmer and have no idea how hard it will be to change but I have been visiting this site since 2009 and still can't find my country! tongue.gif

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Hi, I've sent a few messages at the address yksiksyda@hotmail.com and got no reply so I thought it's a good idea to write here . I can't use the offered payment methods to become a member here and I'm sure others too for their own reasons . I want to use Paysafe to access this site . Please Mr. ADMIN look it up at tell here or mail me to say how I can pay a subscription using this .


Thank you .

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Dear Admin,


I appreciate your looking into Egypt's section, it requires some cleaning up from your side..

The accounts Nanaaa, Kokyy and Bosyyy are all fake.. same phone number and photos are imported from the Internet.

The account Hooooot is for a male guy

The account tissa is with an invalid phone number and the profile looks fake

The account toy0sex, the description is in Arabic.. he says he's a guy who sells sex toys.. he is sharing the url of his website

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been a long time and didn't contribute more to this but here's something to add up and could be worth it


I hate asking for (cut/uncut) everytime I contact a girl here, do you think it would be possible to add it in the physical description area?


also, the personal contact need to be updated, remove the MSN/yahoo and make it more of a pull-up bar to include Skype, BBM, etc.

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Dear members..


Please share with me your thoughts and ideas how to make this website even better.

I would start with remove any kinda payment for users on the site, you got the TS.Pay for their advertising. And other kind og advertising already, and make users pay for using funktions like sending more than 3 mail, and so on, it is one of the small things that make users dissapear from your site, i develope websites frontend and backend myselfe, and i know through experience that the users of your site finds it anoying. Payment for sites like this is something you did back in the days, and the alternative is that your users will find another site, and trust me there will be another site within time, and the users will go there along with the adveticing girls, if it's a better alternative site, with less payment for ekstra functions.

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well, it's your opinion. But I don't quite agree.

it's been more than 11 years and still there is no better free ts dating site where everybody should have migrated.

I've talked with lots of ts girls over the years and they don't seem to respect and like guys who want everything for FREE. If a guy can not afford to pay 7 usd monthly membership on website, then how can he afford to ask a girl out on a date right???? Also if member is paying for membership, it will show he / she is serious of trying to find a date or relationship and not just playing around.

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Mr Admin, I did say, "that some day there will come a better and more atractive site", that's the way it goes on the worldwide inter-web, unless you prepare and adapt new stuff, and when you write "TS. Girls don't like guys who want anything for free", you are talking about the girls ain't giving service for free" wich would be strange if the woukd, i mean the spend there mney on add's on your site. The payment peapole put in thouse funktions in here, don't go to the girls, but in your pocket.


I was not question about the girls giving anything for free, but giving your members more for there buck.


You ask for ideas, i gave you one, and more, and trust me, it may not be tomorrow there will be a new site who will compete with you, but i may could be, i have done escorts site just for the reason of giving the girls free add space , just to fuck up the expencive add sites who rip the girls pocktes. and i know there are developers like me out there there would do the same.


Just saying.

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I'm always developing the site and trying to make it better. TS-Dating has many competitor sites. Competition is good, it's what keeps sites going and developing


I'm not talking about escorts only. If you ask a non-escort TS girl out for a date, you better have some money to spend on dinner, you should be a gentleman and also dressed nicely.

if you can't afford 7usd a month for a site membership, then how can you afford to ask TS girl out for a date?? ... or how can you afford to have a relationship with TS girl??? That's my point.

If you really are seriously looking for a date or relationship with a TS girl then you can afford to pay this small amount.


how successful or famous is your escort site now?

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