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  1. @evadey

    After many attempts and so many efforts to meet with evadey finally that day come for us to meet. I met her in nile  residency Bangalore N-4 I can never forget that day . From the moment i opened the door I felt magic and a special feeling overwhelmed me.
    We kissed and talked for a while I really wanted to meet her as a person first and then the rest.
    After talking and getting to know better we get to business, evadey is pure Goddess great look nice personality, body is just perfect, great tits, ass from heaven and BIG hard cock that she uses to the perfection.
    We started with nice sensual kissing and then I kissed and licked her nice boobs hand then after some time she revealed me her perfect candy cock that I wanted to taste for a while.
    I licked and sucked my perfect cock but never get all the way in, its just to big for my mouth.
    After that we went to 69 and had some nice time sucking each other.
    And then the moment came, she asked me am I ready to take her, and I was so happy to say yes. I went to doggy and she lubed her cock and my ass and just slide that monster cock deep inside me, all I can say at that moment I felt I'm in heaven.
    I fucked her for some time in that position and then we switched to missionary and then something happened for the 1st time in my life I felt its possible but evadey made magic...
    I was on my back she was pounding me deep and hard and in the moment I just came, I felt so amazing she didn't touch my cock and just kept fucking me deep and hard and I exploded 2nd time in 30 seconds (wow two times under 1 min without touching) and then she putted my still hard dick in her mouth and she kept fucking me, she sucked me super good and fucked very hard and then I came 3rd time, I filled her mouth and I saw nice happy smile on her face.
    After that we kissed and get to the bath and then it was my time to please her on my way.
    she gave me very nice relaxing massage and then nice wet kiss into her sweet ass.
    I was hard once more and decided its my time to fuck her, I wanted her to cum so badly.
    I fucked her ass good and I saw she enjoying, after some time we changed to missionary and pounded her ass good and hard, her dick was hard like a rod and that made me even more horny. I fucked her ass deep and hard and jerked that Goddess big thick cock and after a while she exploded, she licked my cock clean and I ate all that sweet cum.
    God after all of that I felt like I'm in heaven, we talked for a while and then I left.

    1. This was by far my best experience ever with a Trans person and best proof that evadey is best out there:D


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