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Age: 27 years old

Name: Lara Alexandra

Gender: Transsexual (Pre-op)

Location:Bangalore (Bengaluru), India

Availability: Incall & Outcall

Orientation : More Passive


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Height: 173 cm (5'8'')

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Languages: English Spanish French

Endowment: Not Entered

Ethnicity: Other/Mixed

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Updated: 07:52 17-May-2024

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Services: BDSM Dominatrix, Girlfriend Experience, Webcam Show

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About me

Ciao mi amore !
I kindly request you to read before we go on any further as I don't meet illiterate fools.
Here for sugar dating, companionship,FWB,GFE Not your paid by the hour kinda girl. Need a King to pamper this Queen if you're broke don't bother to knock🤪

Where do I begin to put in words that perfectly encapsulates me. Everyday I'm on a quest of self discovery, yet the answer I seek is beyond my comprehension. Sometimes I may appear as a strong, confident ,bold and an outspoken woman but deep down I'm just a facetious ,petulant lil girl who is crazy,funny,kind,genuine and full of curiosity very easy to forgive and forget hence need a daddy to treat me right too. Fret not! I can be a well behaved lady a la grace kelly or audrey Hepburn or the come-hither Marilyn Monroe?

I yearn for someone who'll stimulate me emotionally,intellectually and physically .
Despite our expectations and demands do not forget to conduct yourself with class and dignity, I am quite mindful of how you approach and the general decorum, it doesn't cost you anything to show a little kindness,sensitivity and empathy.Meeting on such platforms is not ideal and it may appear seedy and dark to the outside world. However for me it is filled with passion, love, respect and have forged friendships that have lasted years and companionships beyond physical.
If you're hot enough and cool enough you can have your way with me , here for someone who can give me a slice of dolce vita.
I have limited expectations as expectation kills, I hope that my thoughts ,my emotions and my judgement do not get the best of me.I learn to enjoy whatever short surge of happiness I get. Tomorrow is just another day, c'est la vie.

I love music from jazz to techno and everything in between, movies arts, culture, architecture history and a good conversation is what I primarily look for. I cannot entertain extremely unattractive people. respect my time and I'll respect yours it is a luxury we can't afford.

As much as I love a raw, rugged man at the end of the day I want to be with someone who is smart,savvy,sophisticated, successful,chivalrous gentleman. A niggard is hardly desirable after all I got quite a discerning and expensive taste! I bet you do too.

I do not ask you to give me what is not yours to give. But what I ask is for you to give me momentarily joys of happiness. The false sense of security that we seek to belong is just an illusion of hope The facade we put on is just mere deceptions in a false society of false love and false hate. So be your true authentic self in all your ugliness and beauty for I dislike pretensions.
Money may or may not be enough but respect is priceless
I am a very intuitive person and would never associate with anyone with a negative energy. Leave the attitude and fear and come with positive energy and good vibes and let's hope for unforgettable moments together. Believe me meeting people bring me immense joy, it's a very short journey we tread so let us express ourselves and enjoy new experiences that will only enriched our lives, what is life but the memories that have shaped us, transformed us to the magical beings that we are.
It surely is easier to have a natural camaraderie when a person is less pretentious, demanding or stuck up and are more honest, practical, non judgemental and easy going .
I'm trying to lead a more meaningful life and not be so hung up on far less consequential matters. I live my unique life quite like no others, I'm fiercely independent and detest the idea of being tamed or answerable to anyone, a free bird living in a caged world .Though I aim to please but I do not desire to belong or to conform to accepted standards. There is no more greater pinnacle in life than freedom so why be shackled and tied down to a life you dislike. When you truly learn to love yourself there is no force in this world that can stop you from soaring higher and higher to parts unknown,unbridled, unrestrained pleasures of Living.

I dont come online as often and I feel like you can't replicate vis a vis connection or tete a tete over a phone have to spend a lot of time on it frankly we are already very addicted to our phones and I'd like to live my life without being a slave to technology. we can't live without it but we can be less dependent on it so let's live,laugh talk more and I can be the best therapist money can buy.

On a serious note life of a trans woman is bittersweet.though I have the potentials for greater things,I no longer have any more dreams and ambitions, no desires for wealth,love or fame,content with life only if I could do this forever but I won't be forever young either.Things are changing and I only hope for the future trans people that they find the love and respect they rightfully deserve in society.We live in a hypocritical world and out of fear we only know how to conform to accepted social standards.The changes start with you,with all your supports.Time’s up! time for a new start of love acceptance and equality.Why do most transgender end up entertaining men, even the educated and talented bunch, one of the reason is that we can never have a normal relationship like the rest.It's always a fun and private game, regardless of how feminine or passable we are, well it's an expensive game so we have be rewarded and I’ve been rewarded with some of the finest men in the country, quality is imperative which explains why I choose to have a few but commited guys who will travel thousands of miles just to be with me. I understand a first timer will be hesitant but if you don't take the first step you'll never find out on what could be the most wonderful experience of your life.

I have to reject 99 out of 100 callers a day as they sound so dreadful. ANY QUESTIONS PERTAINING TO MY BODY Or WHAT I do in bed will NOT Be ENTERTAINED Or TOLERATED ONLINE.
I want me a strong caliber man who can provide and take care of his woman. I like the art of seduction and being seduced .A normal man will go with the cheapest and easily available but a brilliant and discerning man will only come to an OG like me
Learn to invest in quality people it pays dividend. Meet the Goddess and you shall be blessed !!


Cheers to life!

Yours Truly,
the unstoppable ♡♥♡
Thanks for reading , see you on the other side.

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