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  • ПРОФАЙЛ: Spicetgirl
  • Заголовок Анкеты:Транс до Оп. Познакомлюсь Транс до Оп. / Транс посл. Оп. / Мужч. / Женщ. / Tрансвестит(Transvestite)
  • Hi yah! My name is Keira. I'm a non-op transsexual. I have been living as a full time lady for the past 8years now. I'm American Italian! I grew up partly in USA and Europe (where my family currently reside)

    I value honesty and openness.Loyal to my friends I am strong lady inside, not confused or lost.I have a steady Job. I enjoy doing fun things. I enjoy outdoors and indoors activities; traveling, movies, listening to live bands, casinos, festivals amusement parks, clubs, reading, art, photography, writing, video games, fashion and beauty... I enjoy being creative and love learning new skills.

    What am I looking for? At this point in my life, I'm a pretty happy girl. I'm seeking a matured strictly top partner who values and has an idea/experience of being with a trans lady, who knows what he wants and is ready to settle down. I'm quite accomplished but I need someone to complete me because I feel that part of me is missing...
    I'd firstly like to find friends that have similar interests and ideas but not necessarily identical ones. Friendship that might someday blossom into something more serious. I'm definitely not looking for hookups, online sex talks, nude pictures sharing... That's the fastest way to end a conversation with me. I do love intimacy in all its forms, especially kissing, touching and making out... I love the idea of getting acquainted through occasionally chat with the right match... Chatting to me builds a conversation. Conversations are a give and take activity not a 1 or 2 word response to questions.

    Thanks for reading through!
    If any of this resonates with you, say Hi!

  • Возраст:35 лет
  • Пол:Транс до Оп.
  • Секс. ориентация:Не представлено
  • Живу в:Lewisboro, USA - New York
  • Ищу:- Транс до Оп.
    - Транс посл. Оп.
    - Мужч.
    - Женщ.
    - Tрансвестит(Transvestite)

  • Я заинтересован в :- SEX
    - Любовь или отношения
    - Дружба / Друзья по переписке

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