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Shemale Escort Zatanna Larsson

ZatannaBabe Trondheim Transex

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Age: 29 years old

Name: Zatanna Larsson

Gender: Transsexual (Pre-op)

Location:Trondheim, Norway

Availability: Incall & Outcall

Orientation : Active & Passive


+4746584854 +4746584854

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Additional Info

Height: 168 cm (5'6'')

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Languages: English Chinese

Endowment: 17 cm (6.7'')

Ethnicity: Asian

Last visit: 17:47 15-May-2024 |

Updated: 17:48 15-May-2024

Joined: 20-Sep-2013 |

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About me

See you next year!
This is my last trip in Norway.
Currently in Oslo.

Hello gentleman,
For more information please do visit my personal website.

My name is Zatanna Larsson a transsexual woman from a truly Asian country, Malaysia. I came with the honor of meeting and greeting you with my slim fit figure, soft silky tan skin, and lovely highlighted brunette hair.

“It’s not just about pleasure but it’s all about time and intimacy involved.”

When it comes to time and intimacy, they are both incredibly valuable. Time is like gold, a precious resource that should be used wisely and not wasted. Intimacy, on the other hand, is a beautiful connection that deepens relationships and brings joy to our lives. So, let's cherish our time and nurture meaningful connections because they truly enrich our journey.

I strive to always be polite and friendly, treating others with kindness and respect. In my professional life, I prioritize discretion and maintain a high level of professionalism. I take pride in being well-groomed and value continuous education to stay knowledgeable. People often describe me as lovely and adorable, which brings a smile to my face.


3000 - 1 Hour 

2000 - 30 Minutes


4500 - 1 Hour 

7500 - 2 Hours

My additional orgasms 500
(Not available for 30 minutes)

Located in a private apartment in Oslo, our meeting will be more privacy and discreet.
Relaxing and enjoying our time together is my priority. 
I will keep the quality of our meeting as a professionalism.

Please Contact Me By : 
Call , Text Messages, WhatsApp

For more photos please view my Instagram :

Have a great day. 

Yours truly,

Zatanna Larsson.


Could you explain why I couldn't reach you or why you ignored my messages?
-Whether you were on my block list or you communicated rudely, or I sense that you were wasting my time.

Where I can see your nudity?
-Privacy concerns are my priority. I don't share any nudity with anyone or any platform.

Is there any discount you could give?
-Respectfully, no.

Are you accepting couples?
-I would love too but not at this moment.

What do you provide?
-I’m a wild girl and I do EVERYTHING what lovers do with consents of both adults.

Do you party?
-Unfortunately no, but I would love to company you.

LGBT or Disability Friendly?
-We all human beings, and I proudly accept whoever you are.

If I’m a 17 of age, would you accept me?

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