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  • PROFILE: HarmonyLove
  • Dating Ad title:Please Read My Profile First
  • I am looking for marriage! And to save you and me both time I have detailed some things I desire in a soulmate. So please read my profile Darling and send a message that proves to me that we have allot of things in common through the following 5 Screeners. Otherwise, Darling I will not respond to any likes, or messages; and will not respond to just a 'Hi Beautiful, I like your photos.' And please have at least 3 photos of yourself to help prove you are not a scammer. Please note Darling, I have posted many photos of myself!

    Anyways onto the Screeners:

    Screener #1: We match if you are seeking the joy that can come through a sincere loving committed relationship. And if you take the time to get to know me you can know my character and my likes. And in a courtship relationship we would of course eventually talk about our sexually intimate desires. Like for example one thing is: I like to have sex every day of at least having a quickie. So as you can see if we talk about our sexual desires then we can know if we will also be in harmony in this area too. And then afterwards we will be able to make a successful decision if we are in harmony. Just like people did in the old days by taking the time to communicate. And they have had successful relationships that have lasted a lifetime as a result of their courtship. So, in other words I will not allow any testing of the product prior to a for sure sincere committed relationship by taking a long time to get to know each other and be best friends first before consummating a relationship through sex. And prenuptials are fine with me.

    Screener #2: And we match if you are very strong believer in the Creator/Designer of our awesome bodies and earth! Someone who is seeking, knowledge, love, and wisdom that can guide and bless our lives from God and Jesus! Someone who wants to be in harmony spiritually, who will pray and learn together. And wants to fellowship together with other believers!

    Screener #3: And we match if you are wanting to live or already live in the countryside of beautiful mountains and forests. And you will need to be or want to be a strong physically fit outdoors person. Who hikes, and does hunting and fishing for sustenance. Besides hunting and fishing myself I plan on having a small greenhouse/garden on a rural small homestead for sustenance to live off the land in peace and safety! And if you are experienced in prepping, canning, etc then that would be a good thing too. And I hope that we can have a social life together in a local lively/ contemporary church; at least until a major natural disaster, a war, or an extreme economic/societal collapse happens.

    Screener # 4: I am a honest progressive Democrat who believes in human rights for all people and gun rights, but in a more healthy society. Like numerous modern countries such as: Switzerland, etc, have a more healthy society through: Education, employment, healthcare, and housing for everyone. As a result, you never hear about people going crazy and doing mass killings of innocent people in these modern countries. And for example, people in modern countries such as Switzerland, etc even keep their automatic weapons that were issued to them while serving in the military. And having traveled and lived in many countries while serving our country in the military and working for as Federal Contractor, I have seen that when we all have the opportunity to have adequate healthcare, housing, and an education, then we can all have an equal opportunity to succeed in life. And as a result there is a more healthy and economically successful society!

    Screener # 5: You will need to have fresh breath! I brush and floss teeth before going to bed and so I always have fresh breath. And I always take a shower or get cleaned up before going to bed and therefore expect the same in a soulmate. Also I am fully vaccinated for Covid expect the same; and especially because I almost died from Covid as have many others. And for me watching most television is not a priority in my life; I only watch or listen to the news and documentaries or something educational that will benefit my life in some way. And I also watch some YouTube videos to learn how to do something or learn about something beneficial to my life. Along with listening to NPR or Pacifica Radio, and audio readings of the Creator's book of knowledge and wisdom for us. Also I have a daily quiet time to think and pray and study the knowledge and wisdom from our Creator's book! Finally Darlings I prefer someone that can help protect me and themselves. Someone who knows how to handle guns, and knows or wants to know a martial art or a mix of martial arts. And it would be good ideally also if a person knows or wants to know archery

  • Age:57 years old
  • Gender:Transsexual (Pre-op)
  • Sexual orientation:Active & Passive
  • Country:Reno, USA - Nevada
  • I'm Looking for:- Transsexual (Pre-op)
    - Transsexual (Post-op)
    - Male

  • Interesed in:
    - Love / Long term relationship

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